Attitude ~ an expression of how you see life; yours, and life in general
Life isn't always easy.  It is however, a great deal more rewarding, and often easier to navigate, when you
have an appropriate attitude, a genuine relationship with your Creator, and a little "
chocolate" with breakfast.

* You are worthy of goodness!
* Encouragement comes from sources around you.
     Empowerment comes from resources within you
Confidence ~ reliance, trust and belief in one's self.
In 2001 Jan Bethancourt was at a loss as to how to communicate her feelings to her daughter who was in college and dealing with constant pain from spine
surgeries and auto-immune issues.  Somewhat tentative at first, Jan discovered that simple, heartfelt sayings, based on observations of life and living were a
formula for her messages to her daughter. Her original sayings encouraged an attitude of confidence, courage and compassion.  Jan urged her daughter to
believe and embrace the knowledge that she was worthy of goodness.  So inspired by her mother's words, Sarah insisted Jan share her sayings with women
everywhere by creating a book.

*  Recognize your gifts, identify your goals, trust your abilities.
*  A simple idea executed is far superior to a detailed plan ignored.
Courage ~ meeting the challenges of daily life despite your doubts, your fears, and your anxieties.
Jan Bethancourt never dreamed of writing a book.  However, when many women responded very positively to Jan's simple paperback edition of her sayings,
she felt there was a 'next step' waiting for her.  Publishing a book is a giant step beyond writing one.  In a leap of faith, Jan's small company, Janbeth
Designs, published a hardback, fully illustrated edition of her book.  In 2009
Be Empowered!  Eat Chocolate with Breakfast officially became  a "real" book.  
*  With every road you walk your feet get wiser.
*  Lean your ladder against the moon and reach for the stars.

Compassion ~ a willingness to comfort, and can be expressed in ways great and small.
Everyone has a story to tell.  Everyone, at some time in their life, will face difficulties.  When you can share a little kindness with them, you are breathing an
attitude of hope into their day.  

On April 3, 2010 Jan learned you must sometimes graciously
receive compassion.  On that day she and her husband lost their home to a fire.  
Although this was a shock and a very difficult situation, it was not tragic.  No life was lost, no one was injured.  They would rebuild.  The difficult part was
the feelings of emptiness, lost, and vulnerability.  Friends, and even strangers were by their side immediately.  Accepting their generous outpouring of
kindness was, at first, difficult for an independent person like Jan.  She soon learned that a helping hand offered in compassion is a priceless gift.  She also
learned that graciously accepting a gift of compassion, is a gift to the giver.  
Jan Bethancourt inspires others to recognize that they are empowered by a healthy attitude of confidence, courage and compassion.  Her motto, "Your
attitude defines you!"

* With grace, graciousness and gratitude make kindness a habit.
* Many precious gifts reside within you: joy, laughter, hope, understanding, patience and so much more.
   By  sharing them you increase their value
Color and words combine~
Fluid watercolors combine with uncluttered observations of life and living in this book of original saying, to create a calm respite  that nourishes body,
mind and spirit.  Women of all ages, and all stages of life welcome the author's words as inspiration and encouragement.   For Jan Bethancourt,
chocolate is a metaphor for an attitude of confidence, courage, and compassion.  Thus the idea that  "
chocolate" with breakfast is empowering!  
Endorsements ~  

~  "Judge, Writer's Digest 21st Annual Self-Published Book Awards"  
Judges Commentary: Be Empowerd! Eat Chocolate with Breakfast, by Jan Bethancourt, is my kind of book!
It is upbeat, courageous and humorous... The wisdom of this book, its acceptance of what is, comes without any admonition to not fail... As such it is universal
in its appeal to people everywhere who can discover (the) love and appreciation through the author;s words of support.  This book is a blessing to all who
read it.  I like that knowledge of traditional religion is not necessary to be empowered by it.  It reminds us that difficult times faced with courage strengthen
us and allow us to walk through life with a lighter step and heart.  The book with its message and watercolors offers comfort and courage to each of us.  
Thank you for enriching us.

"Be Empowered!  Eat Chocolate with Breakfast is choc-full of pearls of wisdom and inspiration.  Through her creative handling of stress of everyday life,
Jan offers a refreshingly simple approach to re-framing the complicated."
Jane Mahoney, PHD., RN, PMHCNS-BS, Director of Nursing Practices and Research
Menninger Clinic, Houston, Texas
"Be Empowered!  Eat Chocolate with Breakfast is delightful and delicious...without the calories.  Read it
for a renewal of your soul and a reminder of what's important."
Yvonne Lemmon, National Sales Director, Mary Kay, Inc.
Points of interest~
 Finalist, USA Book News 2009 Best Book award, Self-Help Category
~  Guest Author for the 2010 Literacy Council of Fort Bend 10th Annual Book and Author dinner.
~ Feature interview with news anchor Rachel McNeill - NBC affiliate KPRC- TV, Houston, TX

 Be Empowered!  Eat Chocolate with Breakfast         ISBN-13:   978-0-9815229-2-0      $14.99  *          
  Second edition -  7" x 5"  Hardback,   96 Pages,   Illustrated      
Attitude, Confidence, Courage and Compassion
Jan Bethancourt inscribes each book with  a brief inspirational message.
A Big Message In A Few Words
Jan 's process and progress; & a few sayings from the books.

Be Empowered!  Don't Let Life Melt Your Chocolate  ISBN-13:  978-0-9815229-3-7     $15.00 *
  First edition - 7" x 5"  Hardback,  96 Pages,  Illustrated
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